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Meditation for Boundaries: Blue Circle of Fire

Originally posted August 6, 2019.

You are busy! The office is humming! Things are totally running amok today! The phone is ringing and you’re working to finish details on a project due this week! You have people asking you questions and your boss asking you if things will be done on time….it feels like a tsunami of people, paperwork and computer work, all at once!

But, hey, you are handling it …you know got this, the work is good, your people are good, the questions are a bit annoying, but, you now, it’s work, right?

As you settle in at your desk, you feel your jaw clenching and your shoulders tightening up. And like they taught you in yoga, you consciously relax your musculature and breathe.

The Blue Circle of Fire is a meditation for you to strengthen your personal boundaries and protect your inner self during the chaotic times.

  • Take a deep relaxing breath. Imagine a place that is healing to you. A place where it is possible and safe to tap into your inner strength and wisdom.……

  • Consciously gather positive strength from the universe…breathing in and feel this energy deeply as a felt sense in your body…

  • Experience this felt sense of positive and strength for a few relaxing breaths….

  • And now cast a magic blue circle all around you, imagine a circle of blue-green fire all around you…..a circle of energetic protection…..seal love and positive energy within this circle.

  • In this circle of blue-green fire, you can access all of the positive energy in the universe….

  • In this circle you feel confident and ok…and your body relaxes. You easily access all that you need to feel ok about yourself….

  • In this magical circle, you trust the universe to support you during this busy time….

  • In your magical blue circle, you feel comfortable and you are able to remain focused and calm.

  • You are able to focus on your work and feel safe from any stress and negativity at work

  • In this magical circle, you are safe and comfortable, and your strength and power are supported..

  • Take a deep breath and notice how relaxed and calm you now feel.

  • Relax your forehead, let all the worry lines melt away, feeling calm. Notice you are both focused and relaxed at the same time.

  • Feel your eyelids comfortably resting together, let your eyes become soft….Let them sink gently into their sockets…let all of the little muscles around your eyes rest and relax.

  • Relax your jaw, and let your jaw hang loose. Your throat muscles let go, and your tongue rests comfortably.

  • In this blue circle of fire, know all is well, all is well, and all manner of thing is well…

  • ….you remain peaceful and let the external sounds and events intertwine into your relaxing experiences…Your shoulders relax downward, you breathe evenly and deeply..

  • And you are able to work and feel protected, buffered from the stress of the work world.

  • Enjoy this feeling of protection. Feel safe within this positive space. Smile. Feel good.

  • In a positive, powerful way, use your own thoughts and feelings to enhance the Blue Circle of Fire. Develop its protective features for yourself. Add love and happiness and positive flexible strength and resilience as positive energies. Add whatever you need to add. Don’t work hard, feel good.

Ok…now that you know how to create your magical Blue Circle of Fire, it’s always be available to you. You can call it up in the morning as you start your day..maybe when you’re leaving the house, or before you go into your office for work. You can call it up during the day when you feel a bit down or when it feels like there’s negative energy or thoughts around you.


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