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Self Care – 5 Easy Meditations

Updated March 6, 2020

Practice Mindfulness Everyday by weaving these five relaxation practices into your day

Mindfulness in Therapy: Positive Energy Bubble

Positive Energy Bubble – Smile to yourself and imagine a beautiful Positive Energy Bubble by closing your eyes, and taking a few deep slow breaths. Visualize or feel a beautiful colorful bubble all around you, like large soap bubble blown from a large wand. Imagine this is energetically protective bubble. Imagine its feel and its swirling motion as it envelops you. Let this soft bubble protect your entire body. Enjoy this feeling of protection. Feel safe within this positive space. Smile. Feel good. Read more about the Positive Energy Bubble here.

Mindfulness and Self Love: Lovingkindness Meditation

Lovingkindness Meditation Loving-kindness, Metta, is the Buddhist meditation practice meant to develop the mental habit of self-love and expansive love. It’s about developing a loving acceptance of yourself and others. There is so much contention right now, let’s all cultivate the energy of Lovingkindness and send this out into the world in beautiful waves. Read more about Lovingkindness here.

Mindfulness: At the grocery store, standing on line

Heart Centered Relaxation is my modern riff on Autogenic Relaxation, which was developed in the 1930’s. My riff is both a body awareness and relaxation practice, which can be done even standing on line, if you’re feeling impatient, just like the original practice! Read more about Heart Centered Relaxation here.

Everyday Mindfulness: Inhale Serenity, Exhale tension

Serenity Meditation Inhale Serenity – Exhale Tension….Inhale light – Exhale Darkness…. This simple meditation and breathing practice can be done at any time, quietly and easily. Read more about the Serenity Meditation here.

Mindfulness: Creating Boundaries

Blue Circle of Fire You carry within you the ability to create emotional and psychic boundaries. Imagine being able to create your safety are every day. Imagine a blue circle of fire all around you. Inside this blue circle of fire you are able to manage your stress and handle what you need to do with ease. You got this! Read more about the Blue Circle of Fire here.


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