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Self Care During Therapy – Positive Energy Bubble

The Positive Energy Bubble Meditation is one of many self-care techniques you can use to during therapy to shore up your positive emotional responses against inward or outward feelings of fear and negativity.

You’re in the thick of it. You’ve come to a place in your life where you know, in order to move forward, you need to deal with some traumatic emotional material. You’re working through that stuff. Tough stuff. And you’re feeling a bit raw. The stuff you’re dealing with in therapy sessions are traumatic situations the are triggering and causing strong emotions of anxiety, shame and anger. 

But you’re doing it.  You’re going through the tough process of rebuilding yourself. Birthing new aspects of your self, becoming more flexible and strong, developing new emotional responses. 

Therapy is alot of work. You’re developing new views of the world and you are actually growing an altered or, new, neurophysiological platform to support your expanded self.

As you do this tough work in therapy, developing a healthy lifestyle that will help yourself manage your emotions through this growth.  Take conscious steps to practice self-care. Be proactive and stay focused on creating emotional stability in your life.

Make a choice to be conscious of your lifestyle, what you do and who you hang out with on a daily basis. Be protective of yourself.  Process your feelings with appropriate friends, clergy, and/or perhaps join a real life or an online support group.  Some people find support groups healthy but other find that other people’s stories are too much for them to handle. You get to choose. You may have also want to add a mindbody modality such as walking, yoga, tai chi, art therapy and maybe bodywork as part of your on-going wellness journey.  Some people find a creative hobby helps them, such as beading, gardening or woodworking. Some people find the plant world to be soothing, and use herbal and aromatherapeutic salves and oils as complementary care.

Above all, remember to just have fun and plan positive things to do! Playfulness and love are important! 

For self-care during therapy, it’s handy to have some easy go-to ideas to build up your emotional scaffolding.  Hey, rebuilding yourself is hard work! 

You can develop the Positive Energy Bubble as part of your treatment to help create emotional and psychological strength and perseverance.  

The Positive Energy Bubble imagery is simple and can serve as an emotional pick-me-up. Imagine that the Positive Energy Bubble imagery only allows positive and loving energies to filter through to your body, mind and spirit. It’s like a blanket of love. 

The quick Everyday, Positive Energy Bubble Meditation goes like this: 

Smile to yourself and imagine a beautiful Positive Energy Bubble by closing your eyes, and taking a few deep slow breaths. Visualize or feel a beautiful colorful bubble all around you, like large soap bubble blown from a large wand. Imagine this is energetically protective bubble. Imagine its feel and its swirling motion as it envelops you. Let this soft bubble protect your entire body.  Enjoy this feeling of protection. Feel safe within this positive space. Smile. Feel good.

In a positive, powerful way, use your own thoughts and feelings to enhance the Positive Energy Bubble.  Develop its protective features for yourself. Add love and happiness and positive flexible strength and resilience as positive energies. Add whatever you need to add. Don’t work hard, feel good.

Let yourself absorb the positive energies through your skin and into your muscles and into your organs. Soaking into the cells of your body.  Just take a moment to visualize and feel this positivity. Breathe.  Know that you are building positive messages for yourself  and are protecting yourself from any negativity, within and without.

Imagine that flowing positive energy and soft power of your wise and loving support team also building positive energy and love within the Positive Energy Bubble. Your partner, your pets, your family, your friends, your spiritual support people… can lend their love and quiet strength to your day. Just take a moment and gather this energy within. Take a few breaths. It’s easy, smile.

Ok…now that you know how to create your flowing Positive Energy Bubble, it’s always be available to you. You can call it up in the morning as you start your day..maybe when you’re leaving the house, or before you go into your office for work. You can call it up during the day when you feel a bit down or when it feels like there’s negative energy or thoughts around you.  Maybe call up your Positive Energy Bubble as you get ready for bed and imagine sealing in positive dream as you go to sleep

Remember it’s hard work reconstructing the self, and using self-care techniques really do help.


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