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Mindfulness Everyday – Serenity Meditation

Updated March, 2022

Everyday mindfulness

Practice this easy, simple mindfulness technique anywhere, even standing on line at the grocery store or when having a difficult conversation. It helps to remain calm, when there is tension in the atmosphere.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, quiet your thoughts. Sometimes when you’re just beginning mindfulness practice, your mind isn’t used to being quiet. Your mind has lots of thoughts rushing in. Just imagine them as waves moving about. Be gentle with yourself. It takes time to habituate your mind to calmness, just as it takes time to build a muscle at the gym.

Imagine being in a peaceful place. It could be a place you know or one from your wonderful imagination. Be aware of the sounds around you. Sounds can be distracting when we try to block them out, so acknowledge the sounds and be at peace with them. Visualize any cares or worries gently drifting away.

Be aware of any body parts that feel tense. Direct your healing to those parts of your body that need to relax. If your mind begins to wander off, gently bring it back to the moment. Be gentle with this.

Be aware of your breathing. At first, just be aware of your breathing without trying to change it. Slowly, modify your breathing until you are taking slow and even breaths. As you breathe in, feel the oxygen filling your body. As you exhale, feel your body letting go of all that it no longer needs.

Inhale serenity – exhale tension

Inhale light – exhale darkness

Inhale rest – exhale fatigue

Inhale confidence – exhale worry

Inhale harmony – exhale confusion

Inhale wellness – exhale sickness

Continue this pattern of slow and even breathing for several minutes. When you feel you are ready, open your eyes. As you leave the state of meditation, ask the feelings of peace and serenity stay with you.


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