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Originally posted January 24, 2013.


Did it. Done it. BOOM.

I’m joining a small group of my bloggy friends, including Yuz at Not Just About Wee and Andrea B at Good Girl Gone Redneck in sharing the things we HAVE accomplished in a #LifeWellLived blog hop!

Please join us in this positive psychology exercise!

Soooo, here’s my list:

  • Published three books, BirthTouch® Shiatsu and Acupressure for the Childbearing Year, BirthTouch® Healing for Parents in the NICU and the BirthTouch® Pocket Guide to Perinatal Mental Illness for Childbirth Professionals (and moms)

  • Developed Strengthen Our Mothers®: A Mindbody Exploration of New Motherhood (a web-based workshop experience)

  • Got my masters degree going part-time while raising my son, took me six years

  • Got through 5000 hours of supervised internship for the LPC at two sites, surviving the shockingly low mental health pay scale: a Partial Care Site for those with Severe & Persistent Mental Illness and at a Cancer Center

  • Passed the LPC exam and got my license

  • Five years into a private practice, where I have realized my dream of positively influencing the planet’s emotional energy field every day (dreamer?)

  • Made lots of online friends!

  • Nurtured a handful of very close long-term friends

  • Spoke at several birth conferences about BirthTouch®

  • Written about in the New York Times

  • Was the Guest Blog manager for Lamaze International’s Science & Sensibility

  • Lived in London for six weeks

  • Got married in 1990!

  • Had my wonderful son in 1994!

  • Began to horseback ride when I was 26

  • Owned three beautiful Appaloosas! (Loved them and miss them)

  • Began to ski when I was 47 (not very good, but can do it!)

  • Traveled to many places, such as England, France, Colorado, Florida, California, Arizona, Vermont, Canada

  • Developed a successful MindBody Program at the Cancer Center

  • Learned shiatsu, Jin Shin Do® & Reiki, practice all three in my business and at the hospital

  • Taught shiatsu in a college-based massage program

  • Developed the landscaping and gardens around my house

  • Decorated my house

  • Taking care of my mom with dementia appropriately

  • Made some quilts

  • Lived on my own

  • Worked on Wall Street as a manager

  • Worked on the racetrack with horses when I was 19

  • Learned to be a good cook

  • Lived for ten years on thirty acres of hardwood forest (loved Thirty Acre Wood)

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