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Wordless Wednesday: MindBody Medicine: Early Spring Garden

Originally posted June 5, 2013.

Gardening is my favorite spring “mindbody relaxation therapy”!

I love spring in the garden, the plants are beginning to push out from the soil. Here are some shots from around my garden. It’s a work in progress, I live in deer country and it’s a struggle to find landscaping plants they don’t love as breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I have a hellebore garden; this is the largest one I have, it is at least twenty years old, my aunt gave it to me when she moved out of her home. Many thanks, Aunt Mary!

This is my rock garden, complete with my angel who has been standing guard for over ten years!

I planted two pink dogwoods about three years ago and I was rewarded with pink blossoms this year!

The skip laurel is blooming this year, because my son helped me wrap it up for the winter. The deer are not supposed to like this plant, but I guess they don’t have a computer to read up on that info!

Here’s an early view of some of the plants on my back hill; it gets more lush as the weather warms up!


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