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Affirmations for Positive Mothering!

Originally posted May 14, 2017.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Be kind to yourself today.

Affirmations by themselves are not all that need to do to enact change within yourself, but are a wonderful enhancement to positive self-development.

Positive parenting and feeling well and confident take conscious, daily effort. The conscious processing of perceived hurts and events helps clear out old habits, making way for new thoughts and ways of being.

Pursuing the development of the self and being gently and consciously present is an organic, life-long path. There are numerous proactive ways to develop a deep knowing and confidence about yourself.

Self-awareness and self-knowledge is enhanced and developed through counseling and mindbody methods such as yoga, meditation, energy work, expressive art. Putting in the effort to identifying a satisfying career and working steadily at all aspects of the work (people skills, technical skills) is a a grand way to open and stretch the inner self. Developing the capacity for compassion and understanding for others is a lifelong organic process as well that is self-enhancing.

Affirmations are just one way to help reset your inner chatter with positive negative self-talk. Affirmations are positive statements about the self and everyday life. If used daily and consistently, for at least a month, affirmation can build a positive mind-set, helping overcome any negative tapes you can reeling your head.

Below are some positive affirmations to help you feel better about yourself, freeing you to take positive action.

I am a good mother.

I have a deep well of patience within.

Time is abundant; I have an abundance of time for myself and my family.

Love is abundant: I have an abundance of love for myself and my family

I co-create a beautiful family with the universal spirit.

I am relaxed and confident in my everyday life.

I understand and ask for what I need and want in a positive way.

My thoughts support and strengthen my positive parenting style.

I breathe deeply and respond with clarity.

My family is safe.

I am able to cope with grace.


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