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Most Popular Posts of 2018

Originally posted January 9, 2019.

Happy reading! Thank you to my loving readers for visiting my humble blog!

Looking back at the dynamic range of topics in the BirthTouch® blog, that touch on mental health and mindbody therapies, I thought I’d share the most popular blogs of the year.

The top top spot was claimed by an article about a very, very popular and evidence-based therapy called Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT, as everyone knows it. It’s literally life changing and worth the effort to learn its life lessons.

The second most read article was, believe it or not, all about keeping deer away from your garden flowers! Deer Aroma-way! I even get phone calls about this mixture at my therapy office phone number! I guess people are determined to get those pesky deer out of their garden!

The third most read article is a book review of one of my most favorite books, which is one of the only existing self-written accounts of the life of an American slave, who escaped the slavery in the South and lived free in the North. Harriet Jacobs’ life story is riveting and definitely what I did not learn about in high school. I loved it and the cruelty is shocking and appalling. I have no idea why anyone would dare fly the confederate flag ever again. It stands for something quite disgusting, inhuman and beyond inhumane.

The fourth most read article is about the current evidence based trauma treatments and how they work on a subliminal level and use the current tenets of what we now know about neuroplasticity. EMDR and Somatic Experiencing® are great therapies that I use in my private practice to treat trauma that work on a mindbody level.

The fifth most read article of 2018 is a perennial favorite! During my wonderful clinical aromatherapist certification course at the Liz Fulcher’s Aromatic Wisdom Institute, I was taught some of the chemical properties of essential oils and carrier oils. What a wonderful discovery to learn about the healing chemistry of plants! I found out that coconut oil and breast milk are substances that have the property of a high content of lauric acid, which is an immune booster super star! What a blessing!

The sixth most read article of 2018 is a review of the book by my Twitter friend, Andy Behrman. Its his personal account of his life coping with bipolar disease. It’s a harrowing read, as life with undiagnosed mania is quite a harrowing experience. After decades, Andy eventually finds a psychiatrist who properly diagnoses him. He eventually finds treatment and … well, you’ll have to read it to find out!


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