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Featured in PsychCentral: Codependent Relationships

Originally posted July 7, 2016.

I was featured in an article in PsychCentral ! Take a look below and then mosey on over to PsychCentral to read the rest!


Codependent relationships are fraught with pain, resentment, anger and criticism, said Kathy Morelli, LPC, a psychotherapist with a marriage and family counseling practice in Wayne, N.J.

Instead of focusing on themselves, people who are codependent focus on others, such as their partner or parent. They don’t function from their “innate self.”

“The codependent person has a diffuse sense of self and operates from a false self that is organized around the ‘other.’”

They respond emotionally, psychologically and behaviorally around the other person’s needs or an addiction, Morelli said.


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