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BirthTouch® Book Proofs Have Arrived this Weekend!

Originally posted June 4, 2012.

I am happy to say that the proofs for my BirthTouch® books have finally arrived! I wrote the first edition of BirthTouch® Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year twelve years ago, in 2000. The second edition is out in proofs now as is BirthTouch®Healing for Parents in the NICU.

I have been a shiatsu, Jin Shin Do® and Reiki practitioner since 1996. I studied so many energy healing methods over the years…it is one of my favorite areas of healing work. I also studied hypnosis to manage childbirth pain. And that’s how I began my life’s work with pregnant and birthing women & their families.

I loved my work as a bodyworker and birthing hypnotherapist, and the mindbody practices worked beautifully, enhancing both hospital and home births, helping my clients design and cope with their childbirth experience.

But I found those mindbody skills were not enough. I found many of my clients had been sexually abused as children or came from homes where alcohol was abused or experienced intense blended family issues.

I knew I did not have the skills to adequately help my clients with these issues. So, I began a personal journey and eventually acquired professional counseling skills and licensure.

In 2011, I updated the BirthTouch® materials, so they now include a family-friendly shiatsu routine for pregnant moms and their families, an acupressure routine for facilitating birth and also professional information about perinatal depression and anxiety and tips for managing your emotions during pregnancy and beyond.

I am excited to share this with pregnant moms and their families, and I am editing the proofs this week, and hoping to get the books out in Kindle & Create Space (hardcover) in the next week or so!

Stay tuned!

Have a great day!


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