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Best Practices for the Busy Pregnant Mom

Originally posted February 10, 2014.

Congratulations! Being pregnant is one of the most celebrated moments in a woman’s life. But as a working mum, you may be torn between your nine-to-five job and taking nine months off to take better care of yourself and your baby. However, you don’t have to be anxious about choosing between your career and pregnancy. As long as your doctor says it’s okay to work, you can still manage a career and pregnancy at the same time. Take note of the following advice to help you survive the day.

Value Your Rest Days

It was not my first time being pregnant. I had to attend to my toddler and work as well. At that time, quitting my job was not an option. Like me, you may also be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the responsibilities and will try to fit in as many tasks as you can in a day and even on days when rest is much needed. Although it’s nice to be active, taking the time off (and actually enjoying it!) is much needed as your body gets tired easily. Sit back and relax, put your feet up and pamper yourself. Sleeping early and at least eight hours of sleep is recommended for your body to replenish the lost energy.

Exercise is a Must

A word of advice before you proceed to read this section: every pregnancy is different and the exercise routine of your friend may not be applicable to you. Always consult your doctor about what type of exercise is safe for you. Physical activities during pregnancy can keep you and your baby healthy, making you feel better by improving your circulation, control your weight and fight insomnia. Some of the suggested exercises that are safe for pregnant women who do not have complicated pregnancies are swimming, walking and even yoga.

Watch What You’re Eating

Pregnancy is probably the only time when you can welcome a bit of weight gain. But you can’t make that as an excuse to overeat! It’s true that you’re supposed to gain weight but your uncontrollable intake of calories can lead to a lot of problems as well. Women who are gaining more than they really should during pregnancy may develop hypertension and experience labour issues. Certain foods can also make it hard for you to keep the food down or can lead to constipation. To avoid overeating, it’s best to eat frequent meals (six times a day is recommended) but in small portions. Doing that plus avoiding coffee and other caffeinated beverages will prevent heartburn as well.

Connect With Your Partner

One of the best things about being pregnant is being able to share precious moments with your husband while anticipating the arrival of your bundle of joy. Not only do you have to keep the romance going, but leaving your partner behind while you’re off to various support groups or shopping for baby’s clothes will make him feel undesirable.

Don’t be afraid of intimacy and sex. Unless your obstetrician specifically instructed you to refrain from sex, there’s no reason why you should stop physical contact. Communication is also vital. It’s not too hard to tell him how your back feels sore after a long day at work or ask him what he thinks of the nursery room colour scheme. It will make him feel that he’s really a part of this special experience.

Visit Your Private Obstetrician Regularly

As soon as your gynaecologist confirms your pregnancy, regular visits to your doctor is an absolute must. Whether it’s your first or third baby, prenatal visits are essential for your doctor to monitor you and your baby’s health. Your obstetrician can advise you what supplements to take, what types of exercises you can do, when to come in for your next ultrasound or check-up and how to better manage your weight. You may be a career woman but clearing your schedule for visits to your doctor is not only good for you, but best for the little one growing inside you.

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