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August Blog Break – Planting Daffodils

Originally posted July 29, 2013.

This is a love letter to all of you hard-working women who fill so many various roles in your family and work life! I feel so connected to so many of you even if we haven’t met in person….

I’m posting a heart-felt “good-bye for now” love note from the BirthTouch® blog for the month of August. I’m taking some time and space to “plant daffodils” with my family to have many more years of sunshine blooms for the soul.

I love the summer and my soul needs some open space in my personal life for myself and my family. My son is getting ready for college…all of us parents know that children have a wonderful and bittersweet way of growing up way too fast, and I’m taking time to share and enjoy his new journey. It’s time for us to recharge and fill our emotional cups as a family…we call this, time to plant daffodils…

While I had difficulty with postpartum depression when he was an infant, there was much joy and my soul brimmed with love as well.

It feels like just yesterday that my husband and I were carrying him around in his sling, and then he was walking and then he was forming more and more words…so much fun…

And I so vividly remember planting 300 daffodils (over a period of years) at our house. I remember that first day we planted 50 of the 100 bulbs I ordered so well: the crisp fall air, the sounds of the leaves rustling in the breeze. He was not yet three years old. He had long blonde soft hair. I was carrying everything we needed as we planted.

He looked up at me, very serious but also very happy. His eyes sparkled with his brilliant idea! “Mommy, wait!”

He ran off to the garage and came back quickly with his small plastic orange and blue wagon behind him.

“Here, Mommy!” He put all the daffodil bulbs and small tools in the his wagon and pulled them for me. That moment filled our souls with joy, which renewed and doubled in the spring when the daffodils are reborn through the snow. One of many parenting moments which profoundly define our family life and helped ensure his emotional foundation.

Our relationship has been much like that since….he has grown into a funny, intelligent and responsible young man who helps a lot around the house and also has his own fun times with his friends.

So, for August, I’m taking a break from the BirthTouch® blog and taking time to “plant daffodils” with my family to feed the soul.

My counseling office in Wayne, NJ, is open in August but I’ll be doing some self-care (taking care of my bodymind with yoga, Reiki and shiatsu), going to farm stands for fresh foods to cook with my family and generally recharging.

Thanks so much for visiting me and much love to you all. I’ll miss you but I’ll be back in the Fall.

Take some time to metaphorically Plant Daffodils of Your Own to ensure beautiful sunshine blooms for many years.

Looking forward to September when the blog topic kicks off with “Why Are We So Attached to Attachment?”


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