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Postpartum Depression – Stand Up for Mental Health Blog Hop

Originally posted January 26, 2013.

I’m re-posting my previous blog about my experience with postpartum depression for Stand Up For Mental Health.

As an LPC, I could easily write another professional blog about postpartum depression, treatment options or family dynamics. It would be along the lines of specific self-care exercises for relaxation, emotive expressive work or cognitive re-framing.

Online, I skirted around telling my own personal story.

And then, I made a careful personal decision to out myself.

I am a depression and postpartum depression survivor.

As a licensed professional, I’ve gotten flack around the web for outing myself.

You know, as we say in the therapy biz, don’t SHOULD on me.

As far as self-revealing, I’m in excellent company.

Two of my heroes are the distinguished Kay Redfield Jamison, M.D., and Peter C. Whybrow, M.D. They are both high-functioning mental health professionals and are brave enough to out themselves and dispel the myths and the stigma about mental illness.


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