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Coconut Oil and Ginger CO2 for tummy aches

Updated January 27, 2022r

Ahh my summer “stay-cation”!! A combination of rest and work.

Working on a challenge that is short term and chosen. We’ve had the contractors in and out to get the kitchen done. Dust everywhere! And the waiting for permits/inspections phase is now officially on!

Working on a significant and necessary part of life that I wish didn’t have to happen, but of course is part of the normal course of life suffering. Working with the assisted living where my mom lives to situate her in appropriate memory impaired accommodations, which is very sad.

Every night, I dream about the past, about my childhood. And also memories of when my son was very young, when we lived on 30 Acre Wood. And the memories swirl around, all intermingled together, like the veil of time between the past and present has been torn away. It’s not an easy time for our family.

And on another note, life still does move forward.

I’m joyfully working on completion of my aromatherapy certification at the Aromatic Wisdom Institute with Liz Fulcher! It’s been rewarding and fun! Working with several people as case studies and seeing the positive results of the EO chemistry, coupled with learning about the safety precautions around essential oils.

AND also lots of relaxation in the garden, watching the birds on the patio (hummingbirds coming right by me as I sit), sleeping by the lake, going to summer parties

AND going for multiple massages and a facial!

PLUS going out to dinner, one of my fav past-times! I’m so over cooking every day. So a summer break from it all was great.

Unfortunately, one day I picked up some food poisoning along the way!

I’ve been exploring the aromatherapy training as much as I can, incorporating more and more botanicals into my lifestyle. With my achey stomach, I decided to whip up a batch of coconut-ginger salve for myself! I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful scent and the quick relief provided by the salve! Here’s the easy recipe!


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Ginger CO23 Essential Oil

I got the Ginger EO from Pompeii Organics, an ethical company. Jess has the batch specific GC/MS report accessible directly on her website. Each EO has it’s batch specific GC/MS report on the purchase web-page. It’s an expense that she, as a business owner, chooses to invest in.

Did you now that disclosure of the batch specific GC/MS report is the only way you can check if the essential is unadulterated? The GC/MS is a report of the molecular constituents of the essential oil in it’s entirety.

Scoop out an ounce of the coconut oil into a heat proof Pyrex cup

Simple recipe: Put about an ounce of the coconut oil in a Pyrex cup, turn on your electric burner and placing the Pyrex NEAR (not ON!) the burner, allow it to sit for a minute or so to let the coconut oil get soft.

Then, drop 6 drops of the ginger CO2 essential oil into the coconut oil.

Mix the essential oil into the coconut oil thoroughly. Umm, nice aroma!

Here’s the good part! Rub the soothing salve into your belly area, sit back and enjoy the relief! I only needed one application to feel real relief!

I read the GC/MS chart on the Pompeii site, which shows the molecular structure of the oil. This oil has 14% zingerone, which has been shown in research to be active against certain types of diarrhea and two sesquiterpene molecules of significant percentages: 10% b-sesquiphellandrene, which research has shown to be an anti-tumoral and anit-viral constituent plus 15% a-zingiberene, which research has shown to be anti-ulcerogenic.

I was so pleasantly surprised to get very fast relief from this, just like Jess at Pompeii says! ! I loved it and decided to keep the rest of it. I transferred it to a small one ounce jar that I had sanitized in the dishwasher.

I’ll put it in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage, although the salve should last about 1 year from the date your created it. Coconut oil has a pretty long shelf life, around 18 months to two years, maybe even longer and the ginger essential oil, being predominantly a sesquiterpene molecule, has about a 5 year shelf life, if stored properly.

I marked the jar with a label with the mixture name and the date and put it in the refrigerator for safe keeping. I think I’ll use it again in a few hours.


Some notes:

I tend to be sensitive to fragrances of all types, synthetic and natural. So, I am sensitive to essential oils. So I used less than what is considered therapeutic amounts of the oils in the recipe.

A 1% dilution is 6 drops of essential oil to one ounce of carrier oil and since this oil has a high percentage of ketones, which you can see from the GC/MS chart on the Pompeii site, this is what I used. So I only used a 1% mix and it was very effective!

If you’re thinking of using this for your family, keep in mind that a 1% dilution is enough for children. Essential oils are very concentrated: don’t use more than you need.

Also, when using any lotion or salve, test it out on a small area first, wait 24 hours, and see how your skin reacts before going all out and rubbing it over a wider area.

Have fun!

Common sense disclaimer

And of course, here’s the common sense disclaimer. Obviously, if you’re ill, go to see your doctor, this salve is not a substitute for medical care. It’s used as complementary care. You can make it at home, too!

I’ve been using essential oils in my bodywork practice since 1998. I started using oils in my shiatsu practice and then in childbirth education classes.

The biggest leap in my use of essential oils practice came when I worked as the Mindbody Specialist in a Cancer Center at a New Jersey hospital. I used them every week for spiritual attunement, emotional comfort and wellness in my weekly energy work sessions.

Have fun with them but be knowledgeable!


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