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Holistic remedies for nausea in pregnancy

Originally posted January 12, 2014.

Any woman who’s ever gone through a pregnancy knows the frustration and discomfort of vomiting. It’s a deep type of sickness that grips you at the core of your being. Having gone through several myself, and one with twins, I share your pain and will tell you what I did to cope, manage and even get rid of the nausea. If you’re pregnant, or will be soon, then listen up! This is for you.

First of all, be very careful about what you ingest or do not ingest during pregnancy. Certain medications and remedies that normally do not cause side effects might cause some problems when you are pregnant, not only for you, but for the baby. But, of course, please do not taper off of any prescription medications without consulting with your medical provider first. Secondly, you should consult your doctor before taking prescription or over the counter medications, not only for morning sickness, but for other conditions as well. Your pharmacist is also a good resource about prescription drugs and over the counter drugs and remedies and their interactions.

A web source with evidence-based, up to date, information about teratogenic effects of prescription medications and over the counter remedies is the website of the Organization of Teratogen Specialists. There are easy to understand fact sheets listed there about lots of prescription and over the counter medications and pregnancy.

Some self-care home remedies for nausea in pregnancy follow:

B-natal TheraPops are a common remedy for morning sickness and come in the form of a cherry flavor lollipop. These pops contain sugar and vitamin B6 and are known to soothe the discomfort associated with morning sickness.

Vitamin B6 is important in cell multiplication, and it is important for your baby’s brain and nervous system development. This vitamin has been used to ease nausea and morning sickness in pregnant women since the 1940’s.

Psi bands are another method for alleviating morning sickness. Wrist acupressure is believed to relieve nausea and stimulate your body’s natural curing abilities. They are adjustable, waterproof, comfortable, drug-free, affordable, and reusable. A full body shiatsu treatment also helps nausea.

Acupressure bands are known to provide relief not only for morning sickness, but also motion sickness, chemotherapy side effects, and after affects from anesthesia.

Organic wellness tea is another remedy for easing the queasiness associated with morning sickness. Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Wellness blend contains chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint, red raspberry leaf, ginger root, and spearmint. Sixteen tea bags cost about $8 before shipping.

Aromatherapy is another remedy for curbing the nausea associated with pregnancy. Earth Mama Happy Mama Spray is made with a safe blend of lime and ginger along with some other pure essential oil essences. You can spray it on bed linens, pillowcases, wrists, in your car, or simply into the air.

Ginger candy is another quick and natural way to ease nausea during pregnancy. This remedy is available in several varieties and in hard candy, chews, or in crystallized form. You can get these candies in peanut, spicy apple, or original flavor. They are also available in a sampler pack.

These are just a few non-prescription methods to help ease the discomfort of nausea. You can also try the following to help during bouts of morning sickness:

  • Avoid warm places, as they tend to offset nausea tendencies. Take naps and get plenty of rest

  • Eat a couple of saltines before getting out of bed in the morning

  • Carry a small vial of lemon essential oil and take a whiff when you feel queasy

  • Eat frequent small meals as opposed to three large ones

  • Do not skip meals

  • Avoid fried, greasy, spicy foods commonly associated with heartburn

  • Not all morning sickness remedies work for everyone all the time.

  • Again, be certain to keep your caregiver informed of your bouts with nausea and the solutions that you are using for relief.

Olivia Winters is a women’s health advisor and runs her own blog dedicated to women’s health, beauty and the latest hairstyles.


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