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Five Ways You Can Use My Book: BirthTouch®: Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year

Originally posted April 24, 2017.

The BirthTouch® books were created out of my own experiences. I noticed that whenever I went through a rough emotional time or an illness in my life, my healing journey took multiple twists and turns. I found I meandered along a mindbody approach, an integrative approach that incorporated science and wisdom.

From the healing I’ve experienced in my personal life, grew the mindbody approach that I’ve come to use in my professional work.

If you take a look around the BirthTouch® site and the Kathymorelli site, you’ll see there are quite a few services and products which may intrigue you.

The BirthTouch®: Shiatsu and Acupressure for the Childbearing Year book is a compilation of healing techniques I’ve learned along the way in my life long pursuit of knowledge about human healing and wisdom. I studied scientific psychotherapy methods and wisdom- oriented body approaches and found they integrate well in the childbearing year.

The BirthTouch® book provides your with multiple empowering ways for you to help yourself and your family reduce stress, promote wellness and family bonding during your pregnancy.

  1. The easy shiatsu routine is for couples and families to share at home. Touchj is the “vitamin T” that’s been proven in research studies to mitigate symptoms of depression and anxiety and to promote and enhance feelings of intimacy.

  2. Shiatsu is done fully clothed, so it’s appropriate for gentle bonding for pregnant women and their children as well. You can use this sweet time to introduce your children to your baby growing inside.

  3. The acupressure routine that’s included in the book is a pattern of points known to stimulate birthing. I’ve used this on many women with good results. You can do this at home with a partner, yourself. Of course, use this only at birthing time, and when your healthcare practitioner advises to do so.

  4. In addition, BirthTouch® includes education for you about perinatal mental health.

  5. And many how to exercises and techniques help you manage your emotions during pregnancy and give you concrete ways to prevent postpartum depression from creeping into your postpartum life with your baby.

  6. BirthTouch® is a good mix of science and wisdom, good stuff to help you in your pregnancy.

Pick it up on Amazon right now.

Email me and let me know how you like it!


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