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Five Sweet Ideas for Remembering Someone You Love

Originally posted February 6, 2014.

You hopefully have plenty of lovely people in your life. Friends and family can be an amazing support network when it comes to dealing with tough times and sharing the joy of the good times.

It is important that you occasionally remember your loved ones and let them know how much they mean for you.

Here are five sweet ideas for doing this.

1. Do A Good Deed

Sometimes just doing a good deed for another person is enough for remembering them and letting them know you care. So if you got a friend who has kids you could look after the kids for an afternoon to help him or her get some free time, for example.

There are plenty of lovely ideas like this. If you feel like you don’t know what would help them then just ask. Say that you can help with a task and they’ll surely figure out something.

2. Take Them Out

It is also a nice idea to spend some quality time with someone you love. Perhaps you two have been really busy recently and taking some time to organise something fun to do is a nice way of showing them you still care.

Take them for a dinner or invite them over for a nice dinner. You could also go to the theatre or even catch a movie. Anything that you two like doing together and which allows you to spend time together is a good idea.

3. Surprise Them With Flowers

You can also really do something surprising and send them some lovely flowers. Flowers are really pretty and they suit so many different occasions very well. There is nothing better than getting some flowers delivered at your door.

And if you want to add a bit more meaning for your flower delivery you should look at the different meanings of flowers. For example, this Language of Flowers website has a good list of all the different meanings associated to specific flowers.

4. Sweeten Their Day With Sweets

The world is full of amazing tastes and sometimes a good cupcake is all it takes to feel better. If you want to let your loved ones know that they have made your day better then you should return the favour by sending them something lovely.

The good news is that you could use online bakeries and send something sweet for your friend. For instance, Bradford’s Bakeries can deliver a cupcake or two all across the UK.

5. A Simple Letter

Sometimes even a little letter or a postcard to say hello can be enough to brighten up someone’s day. We don’t take the time to send letters anymore but this is a very thoughtful way of remembering someone you love.

So purchase some lovely paper and write a lovely message for your friend. If you are running out of things to say you can even include a nice little poem for your letter.

The above five ideas are really simple and lovely ways of remembering someone you love. It is really important to cherish relationships and give joy back to your friends and family.

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Bio: Natalie Phillips loves surprises. When she isn’t planning for them herself she likes to be surprised. She is especially fond of flowers and would love to have a big flower garden one day. She also loves to read poetry.

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