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Fathers Day Interview with Will Courtenay, Ph.D.

Originally published June 15, 2012.

Want to understand your man better?

In honor of Father’s Day 2012, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Will Courtenay of regarding Paternal Postnatal Depression (PNDD).

As Dr. Courtenay begins in this interview:

“Paternal Postnatal Depression (PPND) refers to a depression that a father experiences within the first year after his child is born. PPND is different from the “daddy blues” – which many new dads can experience. With normal postpartum stress or the daddy blues, a father’s going to feel better when he gets a little extra sleep, when he goes to the gym, or when he has lunch with a buddy……”

The rest of the two interviews were published on Lamaze’s Science and Sensibility blog in two parts.

Take a look at the links below and leave your feedback!

Have a Blessed Father’s Day!


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