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DIY-Care: Accentuate the Positive Blog Hop!

Originally posted January 10, 2013.

Great idea for some Do-It-YourSelf self-care and stress reduction!

Jaime over at James and Jax is running a blog hop with the theme of accentuating the positive!

And she wants us to join her!

She wanted an antidote to all of that negative self-talk that seems to kicking around! So, she listed the things that she did right, even for one day.

A rockin’ idea!

And, by the by, did you know that’s a component of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and many other forms of psychotherapy?

In DBT, it’s called Increasing Positive Emotional Experiences.

We want to do things that develop a nice storehouse of positive feelings and emotions to draw upon, build a foundation of positivity inside of us, give that positivity some ballast against the negativity that can be so overwhelming!

Hey, what’s wrong with us overwhelming ourselves with positivity?

So let’s stir up that brain plasticity!

Let’s give ourselves some positive habits rather than the negative habits to reach for!

What I did good this week:

  • I hired someone to start helping me with my billing this year. (No more using loads of time on mind-bending insurance reconciliation and getting supremely pissed off!)


  • I made the first step in finishing what we need to do to sell my mom’s condo to pay for her care. I made all the arrangements to have the carpet replaced. Home Depot is coming to measure on Saturday.


  • I asked for help: I asked my brother if he could go to the condo to meet the measuring team, as I am working this Saturday, rather than trying to do it myself and making myself crazy.


  • I drove my husband to the hospital to have his kidney stone procedure done, but asked my son to meet him after school and pick him up, as I needed to go into my office and work, so I couldn’t stay.


  • I picked up take-out on the way home from work that night as we left early to the hospital that morning and there was no way I could get dinner together myself.

  • I canceled a physical therapy appointment so I could have some time to work on getting another book up on Kindle (Don’t worry, I have plenty of other PT appts on the calendar!)

  • I hired a website security team to scan and fix my websites

Jamie, you’re a doll!

Thanks so much for this exercise.

I loved it doing this.

I feel good about myself. I DID do a lot of things this week!


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