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3 ways to bring your light into the world

Bring your light into the world.

Studies show that you bring your light into the world when you feed the energy of your white wolf.

When you feed the energy of the white wolf, you expand the definition of your self, share your gifts and expand the positive energy in the world.

This may sound like woo-woo mumbo-jumbo stuff. Yet, so many of the evidence-based exercises and thought processes I share on this website are basically all about managing your emotions in such a way that helps you examine and diminish negative emotions and builds up your positive energy and positive self concept.

Research shows that black and white thinking is a symptom of depression and anxiety. And black and white thinking can fool you into thinking you are trapped and there is no way out of a situation. Black and white thinking causes a build of fear and anger as you contemplate the one dimensional argument in your own mind. A very dark place to be, that feeds depression and anxiety. You can give grace to yourself and others by recognizing that many of life's stressful situations are understood in multifaceted nuance. Feed your white wolf and recognize the spectrum of color and emotion in between. Read more about Black and White Thinking.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a well-researched, complex form of therapy that has been clinically proven to help people heal. DBT reminds us that life is worth living even if there is pain. The DBT exercises integrate mindfulness and emotions skills that help people manage their emotions. DBT helps people manage their dark storms and being their light into the world. The STOP Skill is a part of the DBT Distress Tolerance set of exercises. It's a basic emotion management skill that many people have not observed in their upbringing. It is a valuable skill, and exercise in mindfulness and intelligence. Read more about the DBT Distress Tolerance and the DBT STOP Skill.

Research shows that your actions really do strongly affect the people around you! Everyday, usual, uplifting events such as happy social events and the pursuit of hobbies, such as fishing, boost mood, elated the relaxation response and engendered a positive immune response boost, with the positive boost lasting for two days! On the other hand, negative criticism at work at home enacted the stress response and depressed mood and the immune response for a day. Read more about how positive events increase positive energy.

No hiding your gifts under a bushel! Share your gifts and increase the light in the world!

If you are working through your transition to motherhood, then the Matrescence Bath Ritual can help you with your integration of the prito and post mom selves! Take a look!


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