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Supporting Families in Loving Relationships

Originally posted September 5, 2013.


So, I’m back from my August Sunshine Break from the BirthTouch® blog.

This is an open invitation to parents who would like some support in creating and building loving parental and familial relationships.

I took the month of August off from my online work, planting metaphorical daffodils. (Mind you, I was still seeing clients in my IRL counseling office!)

I wanted to be more present for my son, who began college this September. For me, emotionally, it felt like the “last” summer for …for…I don’t know what exactly.

But it felt like it was a time to nurture our connection in a loving parental relationship. I wanted to enjoy his company and be present for impromtu questions and discussions about college and life.

It turned out we had many good conversations about life, the future, feelings and options. I was so glad I followed my instincts and made some open spaces to allow conversation to flow.

So, this brings me to wanting to support parents and families in loving relationships.

We’re offering tips and support for you to create loving family relationships in a week long online

Happy Kids Parenting Telesummit starts Sunday, September 8th and runs for the week at 12 Noon EST

you can listen in either on your phone or your computer!

Click on the link for more information and to sign up!

Thanks so much for visiting me again today and much love to you all. I missed you all and I’m glad to be back!


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