Postpartum Depression Treatment Options

If you suffer from postpartum depression, please know that you do not need to suffer alone. There is a great deal of stigma associated with mental illness. Postpartum depression is treatable; reach out as you do not need to suffer alone. Research shows that people with mental illness experience externalized (from others) and internalized (self-imposed) shame.

Internalized shame can prevent you from reaching out to others, from opening the door to the possibility of postpartum depression treatment. Having suffered from postpartum depression myself, I can say that I was ashamed to ask for help and was in emotional pain too long. I am hoping that I can help you overcome any reticence you are feeling about your situation and help you open the door to get help. The searing pain of shame can sometimes make it feel difficult to ask for help.Help is available and treatment is effective.

There are many postpartum depression treatment options: you don’t need to wait to get help. Many professionals recommend that treatment first begins with self-care sleep and social support, then moves to complementary methods such as mindfulness and touch therapies, then moves to professional talk therapy and the use of medication as a last resort. You need to use your judgment, if you are clinically depressed and anxious, medication and talk therapy are your first options.

Traditional postpartum depression treatments include medication and talk therapy. You can add complementary methods, such as bright light therapy, Omega-3 oil supplements, mindfulness meditation, creative arts therapies, yoga, postpartum doula companion care, guided imagery and touch therapies. Additionally, it’s always a wonderful thing to exercise your resiliency and flex your strengths! Help yourself with your favorite self-care and social supports. There are several online resources available where women can find each other and tend and befriend . There are many self-help mindbody tools that are easy and accessible and free.

Traditional Medical Treatment Options