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Expressive Art – Creating My 2018 Vision Board

Originally posted January 8, 2018.

I use my Vision Board process to move myself away from magical thinking. I don’t believe if you think it, it’s will be so. Envisioning followed by long periods of hard work and persistence is what propels me towards my goals.

Yes, I love setting intention and using visualization, but I use a Vision Board to move me away from intentions and towards concrete steps on my yearly plan. The Vision Board process helps me clarify what I want to work on in the coming year, what there is room for, and then I pair this process to a plan in my calendar.

In 2015 and 2016, I and my family had alot of health challenges. I was incapacitated for the good part of 18 months throughout 2015 and 2016. It was rough on me and my family and my business suffered, as working necessarily had to take a back set to healing.

I lost alot of weight and slept in the guest room with my dogs, who gave off substantial healing energy. I rested alot and slowly got back to health. It was a very spiritual and thoughtful year for me. I assessed what was important in life. I wouldn’t have made it without my husband and family. I just don’t know what people do who don’t have a financial and emotional support system, and good healthcare insurance.

In 2017, I re-opened my counseling practice and revived my languishing blog and social media presence, which was dormant for a long time.

And now I’m moving into developing my programs and teaching once again. It feels good to have goals once again. It took a long time to see past pulling myself together every day, getting dressed and being able to hold food down.

I thought I’d share my Vision Board 2018 process here.

You guys know I’m an aromatherapist and use flower essences. I’m very sensitive and love the energy of the flower essences, the essential oils tend to be too strong for me (not everyone, but its just how I am). I’ve been procrastinating about getting my plan together and also procrastinating about actually doing the writing I’ve committed (in my head!) to do!

So, I chose a few flower essences to add to my water for a few days before I did my Vision Board 2018 and during the day. I primarily used blackberry and clematis flower essences, as they both address the emotional energy of turning intentions and plans into concrete actions.

They were just what I needed! My mood shifted and I’m feeling psyched for the new year!

You can make your own flower essences, just combine make be 3 of them in a sanitized amber bottle with a dropper. Drop 2 -3 drops of each in the bottle, with one teaspoon of alcohol, such as vodka or brandy, and then fill with the rest of the bottle with water. Use a few drops 3 times a day of your mixture in your water glass for about a week, see how your mood feels.

I looked around my studio for supplies and gathered together what I wanted to include: some fabric, some pictures and some colorful paper.

I experimented and laid the background paper out in a colorful pattern. I chose colors from the Taoist Five Element Wheel which have certain philosophical, emotional and energetic associations. Red is associated with the energy of action, yellow and orange the energy of the fruition and harvest, green the energy of growth, and the darker brown colors represent grounding and being rooted in the earth.

Then, using tacky glue, I glued the fabric and paper to a supportive base, a pre-made canvas.

And then I just started layering a multi-media collage with meaningful words, pictures, fabrics, beads, buttons, and found feathers I had picked up while on various hikes. I wash the feathers and let them dry on a paper towel when I bring them into the house, then store them in a plastic bag. You can also buy packs of feathers to decorate your art work.

I made a bundle of feathers wrapped in some fabric a friend gave me.

And the process of envisioning and inspiration is done!

Now I have a visual collage of what I’d like to accomplish in 2018 that I have hung up in my office. It’s paired with a written calendar plan.

If you have a Vision Board or plan process you’d like to share, please do so!


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