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Clinicians on the Couch: 10 Questions with Psychotherapist Kathy Morelli

Originally posted July 10, 2016.

Get to know me before you call the office!

Check out this interview at PsychCentral!

In our monthly series, we switch roles and put clinicians on the proverbial couch to get a glimpse into their professional and personal lives.

We ask them about everything from the trials and triumphs of conducting therapy to how they cope with stress. They also share their thoughts on the one thing they wish their clients knew along with their insights into living a meaningful life.

This month we’re pleased to interview Kathy Morelli, a licensed professional counselor in Wayne, New Jersey. Morelli runs the website BirthTouch®. She is an expert in the field of pregnancy and postpartum mental health and has maintained a perinatal childbirth-based practice for more than thirty years.

In her private practice, Morelli provides marriage and family counseling with a focus on maternal mental health, family systems and trauma. She combines traditional talk therapy with effective mind-body therapies, such as EMDR, Expressive Art and Integrative Guided Imagery® to address personal healing on multiple levels.

She’s also the author of three books: BirthTouch® Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year, BirthTouch® Healing for Parents in the NICU and the BirthTouch® Pocket Guide to Perinatal Mental Illness for Childbirth Educators & Moms.


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