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Gratitude feeds the white wolf…

Originally posted June 27, 2016.

It takes less than two minutes a day to feed the white wolf …

Almost all days, I habitually remind myself to stop, take a deep breath, close my eyes, drop my shoulders, open my heart chakra and breathe in the energy of gratitude.

This takes, oh, probably less than one minute.

And I repeat in the car, at red lights, in traffic, as I sit in the waiting room for an appointment…you understand…it can be any time you have a few moments to reflect

(although my favorite time to feed the white wolf is as I feel myself getting tense and annoyed…).

I’ve worked through and developed holistically what works for me in my own emotional and mental health. For 20 years, I’ve studied many healing methods. And I observe with my clients how these methods work on an individual basis as I’ve walked the healing path with them.

That’s why I emphasize habitually.

Feeding the white wolf of humility, compassion and gratitude is a daily practice of lovingkindness. It takes effort and discipline habituate to feeding the white wolf and not the black wolf of anger, envy and resentment.

How does gratitude help feed the white wolf of love and humility?

It helps you reduce criticism of your self and others.

When you look at your life through the lens of calm thoughts and feelings, instead of through the flurry of idealization, annoyance and anger, you’re able to keep your boundaries intact and assess situations and relationships more realistically.

It helps you to focus on what you have, not what you want.

When you focus mindfully on what actually is and not perceived lack, you fill yourself up with happiness and beauty. You get to disconnect from the consumer lifestyle trance the advertisers spend billions on to saturate our energy space! You can counteract the energy of the consumer trance!

It helps you access your positive traits and abilities

When you feed your white wolf by realistically inventorying your positive abilities, you can gauge how often you actually do access your positive abilities and release the energy of positive work into the world!

It helps you create an internal emotional climate of calm

Mindfully feed your white wolf. Mindfully being in the present and taking realistic stock of all that you have in your life allows positive feelings to be released and allows you to experience a positive way of interacting with yourself.

It helps you let the kindnesses of people feed you, not the thoughtless acts.

Acknowledging the people in your life for their positive influences and love helps to realistically normalize that people are a sum of positive and negative traits, neither idealized nor demonized. For all the deceit in the world, there are 1000 acts of kindness.

Here are my four gratitude prayers for today:

  • I thank my husband for being so kind and steadfast and believing in me and my work for all of these years.

  • I thank my brothers and sister for their support throughout the year as we dealt with the progressive and degenerative symptoms of our mother’s Alzheimer’s.

  • I profoundly thank my wonderful clients, who teach me every single day about perseverance and strength as they face and overcome their life challenges.

  • I thank my virtual family of friends, fellow perinatal clinicians, fellow mental health activists whom I met on Facebook and Twitter, for including me in this wide circle of support and kindness all year long.




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