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I Won the Stylish Blogger Award!

I won the Stylish Blogger Award! Thank you Carol & Stacy!

I am honored to have won the Blogger Award from Carol & Stacy, the creators and writers of Intentional Conscious Parenting!! This is a pay it forward award. There are 4 duties to perform when you receive this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award!

You can just use the copy in this blog to help you out with this work!

2. Share 7 things about yourself:

1. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Wayne, New Jersey. 2. My business name is BirthTouch Counseling & Training. 3. My specialty is Couples Counseling and the Emotions of Pregnancy & Birth. 4. I love to work with Expressive Art, using visual journaling to express emotions. 5. I owned Appaloosa horses for 12 years. 6. I love to ski, although I am not so good at it! 7. I love to scrapbook!

3. Award 15 recently discovered (by me anyway) great bloggers!

I have to say this was a very hard choice. I follow so many great blogs, there’s so much new talent out there! Here are the blogs I whittled my choices down to:

  1. Jodie’s It’s All Good in the Mommyhood!

  2. Kristi’s+ Live and Love Out Loud

  3. Leleana’s Writer’s Den

  4. Stacey at Write to Make a Living

  5. LT at Single Life

  6. Nicole at Bottle’s Up

  7. Jennyat The Bloggess

  8. Maggie at Fireworks.Sparkle.Rainbow

  9. Lori at A Day in Mommyhood

  10. Katherine at Katherine’s Corner

  11. Mama at I Thought I Knew Mama

  12. Jamie at Happy House Happy Home

  13. Sherry at City Chic On a Farm

  14. Edina at The Writing Hustler

  15. Joan at Bad Marriage is Fattening


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