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Self-care for home, simple and natural.


Our Perinatal Smoothies and Teas are the perfect self care solution for pregnancy and the fourth trimester. Packed with healthy vitamins and minerals, these smoothies and teas will help to nourish and nourish your body during these special times. Enjoy the delicious flavors and the soothing effects of our teas to help you relax and feel your best. With these smoothies and teas, you can be sure to get the best of both worlds - a healthy pregnancy and a happy fourth trimester.


The Perinatal Smoothies and Teas Guide presents 30 recipes for pregnancy, breastfeeding and the fourth trimester to support your well being. In a synthesis of modern reserarch with the practical wisdom of herbalists and midwives, there are lists of the most helpful ingredients for pregnancy, breastfeeding and the fourth trimester. The smoothies and teas use these ingredients.


The guide is also chock full of information about your body, mind and spirit experience, drawing on conscious and unconscious emotional material.


Give yourself the gift of self-care! Self-care that is nurturing, self-soothing, intelligent and kind. 


Use this guide to help you support your healing path, and to enhance any of your current personal healing work. 


In the privacy of the home, support yourself and prepare for the big and happy transformation to parenthood! 


Perinatal Smoothies and Teas: Self Care for Pregnancy and the Fourth Trimester

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