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Self-care for home, simple and natural.


This Matrescence Bath Ritual Guide offers an organic and natural way to explore the identity transformation of motherhood. Using crystals, herbs, moonlight, and emotional intention, this guide helps you create a powerful and calming bath ritual to honor the sacred changes of matrescence. With this guide, you can cultivate a deep sense of balance, peace, and connection with your true self.


The Matrescence Bath Ritual is a full body, mind and spirit experience, drawing on conscious and unconscious emotional material. Self-care that is nurturing, self-soothing, intelligent and kind.The Matrescence Bath Ritual incorporates these elements: intention, words, crystals, herbs, water.


Use this guide to help you create your own healing path, to enhance any of your current personal  healing work. 


Shedding the skin of a previous identity and developing emotional depth and new skills to cope with new roles and expectations is often a silent, unconscious process. Processing massive personal changes can be done in the privacy of a therapist's office. The implicit changes of matresence become explicit and more readily understood.


So many changes, laden with personal meaning and personal gains and losses.


In the privacy of the home, a ritual helps process the personal meaning of a life event, on both conscious and unconscious levels.


Matrescence Bath Ritual Guide

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