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A Magazine Website for MindBody Mental Health

About Us

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Kathy Morelli

Heartlife Holistic® is an inspirational magazine that helps you on your path to mental health, resilience, strength, self-acceptance and peace through mindbody therapies such as mindfulness and traditional talk therapy methods.


It is a place for those who want to incorporate safe mindbody practices as complementary to their raditional mental health therapies.

We consciously use destigmatizing language so as to create safety and inclusion of all.  


The main focus is on self-improvement, self-love and a compassionate society using impactful synergistic therapies such as expressive art therapies, touch therapies, herbal therapies, relationship skills and mindfulness practices.


It is place of safety and acceptance where you can use experience self-growth techniques which align with eco-friendly sentiments. It is a place where you can feel valued and understood. 

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