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Hello! Meet the Publisher 

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Kathy Morelli

Love is the answer.


Kathy Morelli, CA, LMT, LPC, SEP has been working in the healing professions for 25 years.  She is in private practice as a licensed psychotherapist. Several decades in practice, Kathy believes that pairing psychotherapy with lifestyle management helps the healing process.

Kathy has combined her academic training with a long interest in mindbody therapies. She trained for decades in academics. She has studied several complementary relaxation therapies, such as Somatic Experiencing®, aromatherapy, guided imagery, expressive art, and Reiki, shiatsu, and acupressure. She is a Registered Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner.

Kathy's focus on healing has brought her to emphasize self-care and self-love with her clients.


Kathy's natural wellness line, MindBody Aromatics, is a set of self-care products, designed for persons to practice giving loving care to themselves. 

Kathy has been active in the online world for many years and publishes as an inspirational source to help people manage their emotions through self-care. Research shows that lifestyle management integrated with traditional talk improves mood and mental health. 

Kathy has found profound peace and quiet happiness through working with others on their healing journeys. 

Some additional personal history:


Kathy suffered from depression and physical ailments earlier in her life. She had depressive episodes as a teenager, as a young adult and once again, suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her son. As part of her own healing journey, she saw multiple doctors and some therapists. But her emotional and physical pain persisted.  She embarked on a journey to feel better. Along the way, she studied mindbody therapies such as shiatsu, Jin Shin Do®, and biofield therapies such as Reiki and other energy modalities.


Kathy found that incorporating bodywork into her healing regimen brought her relief from depression and physical pain. Wanting to help others in their healing work, Kathy established a bodywork practice, eventually becoming Licensed in Massage.  


She found the connection between body and mind to be profound in her clients. The shiatsu and Jin Shin Do® therapies brought out stories of trauma, pain and healing in her clients. In order to help her clients even more, Kathy began to study psychology. Eventually she obtained her Masters in Counseling. She went through the long process of a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Kathy's experiences in multiple facilities, in hospital systems, including MindBody Specialist at the Cancer Center of Mountainside Hospital and Behavioral Medicine Specialist at Overlook Medical Center, strengthened her belief that healing takes place holistically, on multiple levels. Her long term focus is on post-traumatic stress disorder and perinatal mood disorders, also strengthened her belief in the holistic model of healing.

Managing stress is important to maintaining balanced mental health. She has spoken at various universities and conferences across the country regarding holistic comfort measures for pregnancy, birth and perinatal mental health.Her books about holistic comfort measures in pregnancy and birth are: BirthTouch® Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year, BirthTouch® Healing for Parents in the NICU, and BirthTouch® Perinatal Mental Illness for the Childbearing Year.

As the integrative medicine field expands, more research has expanded into the interaction of nature and people. Research has found that being in nature is profoundly healing to the human body and mind. Biophilia (the healing relationship of nature on humans), garden therapy, and forest bathing are now recognized as vital to humanity's well being. Because of advances in technology, researchers now have the capability to measure molecules from plants in the air and then measure how these interact at the molecular level with the human body and produce the human relaxation response. Amazing! 

For our health, it is vital to maintain our planet's wild areas and respect our environment in order for us to thrive. 

We are profoundly interconnected with Gaia, our planet. 


Wishing you peace, quiet happiness and healing.






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