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Matrescence, or the birth of mother, is one of life's most deeply meaningful passages of life. You transition into motherhood on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Honor yourself or someone in your circle of sisterhood, by acknowledging this profound identity shift. Mark this life passage with the Mindful Mama Matrescence Box.  The contents are intentional, designed to connect to plant life on Mother Earth.  


-A natural cotton sleep mask, filled with a mix of warming flax seeds and lavender herbs

 -A detoxifing mix of himalyan and epsom salts and lavender herbs provide a soft and peaceful water element

- A ritual bag filled with herbs and a Reiki infused Moonstone crystal, a symbol of the sacred feminine. In crystal healing, the Moonstone is associated with the lunar cycle, fertility, and pregnancy, and thus, is considered especially healing for women.

- The Matrescence Bath Ritual Guide (downloadable digital e-book) to add to your current healing options as your create your own healing path 



Matrescence Bath Ritual Kit

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