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Protecting therapeutic privacy

Do you think that your healthcare information is secure and safe?

Do you think that your healthcare provider, in this case that would be me, a licensed therapist, who went through years and years of graduate school and 5,000 (count ’em, 5000 hours) of internships, a licensing exam, then a truly grueling credentialing review by the New Jersey State licensing board, is partnered with you in order to decide YOUR specific treatment options?

Not if you are covered under health insurance.

When you are receiving psychotherapy under insurance, there are people who don’t have licensure who review your case and then decide (from a ten minute telephone conversation) if you are entitled to receive more assistance from the insurance you are already paying for.

I just don’t think that is fair to you.

In 2011, to protect the people who hire me, I am going to be offering services that are not covered by insurance. I am not quite sure how it will all look, but there will be some classes, some telephone work, and some video conferencing, so stay tuned.

But I am going to have to ruthlessly prune out the insurance providers who are the most invasive to your privacy.

Let me know what you think!

I love hearing from the on-line community I now have!


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