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Mindful Mandalas

Originally posted June 22, 2015.

Expressive Art – A Mindbody Practice

Using mandalas as a healing expressive art form is a merging of Eastern and Western practices and thought. “Mandala” is Sanskrit for “circle” and is a spiritual symbol used ritualistically to represent universal wholeness. It is used a focal point in meditative practice. In Western practice, the mandala has been adopted as a tool for healing and self-discovery. The endless interlocking patterns can be envisioned as a pattern of different connected levels of the spirit, self and consciousness.

The repetitive act of coloring a mandala is soothing. It’s like an adult coloring book! Persons with chronic illness such as cancer, fibromyalgia, and those suffering from chronic pain or depression all find this activity centering and meditative. No need to stress over the colors you choose, it’s not about perfection or being a “perfect” artist. If you are interested in research, two research studies that indicate that depression and anxiety are relieved by coloring repetitive circular patterns can be found here and here. There are numerous other such findings.

But I think that listening to your own feelings and experiences is what’s most relevant in your healing. You can use many methods; mandala work is just one.

There are numerous free downloadable mandala sheets and also mandala books to purchase.

Some such books I love are

Have a beautiful day!


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