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Flower essences: Subtle energy and healing

Originally posted February 11, 2015.

Flower essence is a healing method that gently works on multiple levels to help move negative emotions out of your body, mind and spirit. Flower essences connect with us on an energetic level; they have a different energetic action than essential oils and herbals. Each essence has the vibrational pattern of the original plant. They are useful for shifting emotional states towards balance.

Flower essences work on the level of subtle energy underlying the interconnectedness of the physical world.

Flower essences, indeed all herbal medicines, remind us of our place in the vast web of humans, animals and plants.

Flower essences whisper to us, reminding us of our attunement to the seasons and the natural world. Unlike essential oils, which have many safety issues to consider, flower essences can be used safely by younger children, the elderly and pregnant women.

We have many connections to the plant world, obviously basically through the oxygen created by large trees and for the nutrition we get from eating plants. Did you know that we share a lot of the same DNA with plants? And that plants actually have molecules that mimic human neurotransmitters and hormones? (or do humans have neurotransmitters and hormones that mimic plant molecules?)

We all know the modern pharmaceutical industry has its roots in ancient herbal texts. So it’s not surprising that flower essences influence our well-being. Although a lot of people use flower essences, the research about flower essences doesn’t show a robust effect. But, there are some researchers, such as Dr. Tamina Mourad who are delving into the study of flower essences deeply. She feels that there is a way to measure the efficacy of flower essences, and is determined to design proper studies for this work. In spite of the state of the research, flower essences are widely popular around the world.

Flower essences interact synergistically on an energetic level with our body, mind and spirit. Dr. Edward Bach, a respected doctor, formulated the first 38 flower essences over one hundred years ago. Disillusioned with what thought were limitations in the allopathic medical model, he left his conventional medical practice in London and moved to the English countryside. There he studied herbal medicine and homeopathy and developed the Bach Flower Essences. Today, there are many people creating flower essences in their companies. Some that I like are Stillpoint Aromatics and Healing Orchids in Scotland.

Some of my favorite gentle flower essences that support emotional wellness that I use in my aromatherapy practice are below. I just add a few drops to the aromatherapy blend. Or you can dilute a few drops in water.

  • Walnut flower essence to support the body and emotions during times of change and transition

  • Red Chestnut for healing a tendency to engage in codependent relationships

  • Larch for those who need to increase self-confidence and self-esteem and self-love and

  • Mariposa Lily to support smoking cessation

  • Rescue Remedy to reduce stress

  • Rose for the vibration of love and self-love

  • Honeysuckle for transmutation of negative feelings to positive feelings and shifting perspectives to the positive

  • Calendula for self-acceptance and being human, letting go of the “shoulds”

  • Angelic Canopy orchid essence is used for healing for the troubled soul

The secret world of plants is magical and fascinating. Stop and listen to the quiet mystery.


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