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Boost Your New Year Vision Energy with 5 Flower Essences

Originally posted January 11, 2018.

As you look at this picture, how do you feel when you look at its mix of colors and the idea of the softness of the plant petals and leaves? Numerous feelings about the beauty and sweetness of the plants and positivity of growth can be identified. Flower essences connect with us on an energetic level; they have a different action than essential oils and herbals, which function more on a physical level; their molecular actions can be studied and measured in clinical studies.

But flower essences work on a vibrational level. Each flower essence has the vibrational pattern of the original plant. Flower essences are useful for shifting emotional states towards balance. Flower essence practitioners believe there’s a flower essence for every feeling and mood.

As we work on the ideas of our New Year, we can get excited and positive about what we’d like to envision and create more of in our precious New Year. And we can also get bogged down in fear, insecurity, worrying too much on the details too soon, our inspiration gets crushed by anxiety, worry, and time stress. So planning our goals for the New Year can turn into a mix of joy, anticipation, fear, shame and whispers of disappointment in ourselves that we haven’t accomplished last year’s goals, let alone this year’s goals!

Using flower essences is a natural and easy way to focus on expanding your positive feelings and natural joy in moving forward! Flower essences are safe and easy to use and do not have any recorded adverse or allergic reactions.

Would you like to enhance your vibrational energy as you work on your 2018 Vision Board?

What positive emotional energy would you like to have more of as you plan your New Year goals?

These flower essences carry positive vibrational energy for your New Year’s planning. I personally used blackberry and clematis a few days before and during my Vision Board process!

Just a few drops under your tongue before you start your Vision Board work will enhance your mood for planning. Here’s a post about my 2018 Vision Board work for some inspiration!

You can make your own flower essences, just combine maybe 3 of them in a sanitized amber bottle with a dropper. Drop 2 -3 drops of each in the bottle, with one teaspoon of alcohol, such as vodka or brandy, and then fill with the rest of the bottle with water. Use a few drops 3 times a day of your mixture in your water glass for about a week, see how your mood feels.


Do you feel as if you are afraid to take the next step in your relationship life or your business life?

Are you anxious about moving to the next level?

Aspen brings in a sense of developing confidence for moving into the unknown and takes the edge off the fear of tackling new things and moving outside our comfort zones.


Clematis a climbing vine, brings in the energy to create more substantive plans to realize actions to manifest in the here and now rather than in a far away dream.


Mimulus – brightly colored flowers, have the vibrational imprint of shoring up your faith in yourself, of being able to rise to life’s everyday challenges.


Blackberry a deep purple berry with both sweetness and thorns, brings wonderful, practical energy that helps you involve realize your intentions through your own and enthusiastically manifest concrete actions in the world

Buttercup a joyous, yellow flower, enhances your energy of positive feelings of your own life’s work as having a positive and valuable impact on the world


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