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Be kind to yourself in your 2010 year in review! You are awesome!

To all my treasured online friends

Facebook, Twitter and Bloggers!

Be kind to yourself in your own 2010 year in review!

You are awesome!

Frustration! I admit I’ve been feeling frustrated lately about how many things I cannot seem to accomplish. You know December is so busy and there is so much to do in business, etc! I feel like I just need more hours in the day! (sigh)

Love Blogs!

I love reading blogs, and I can’t read a lot of them as I do need to keep my computer time down (another challenge!). But I was browsing some of my favorite Mom blogs and a lot of you women have your year -in review material out! Some of my favorite blogs are:

Redhead Riter Dagmar Bleasdale’s Momsense

All’s Good in the Mommyhood and Katherine Stones’ PostPartum Progress

There are so many others, so many I want to connect with!

Inspiring Women! So, I quickly read these women’s blogs. And I was happily prodded to the realization that I needed to be more realistic in reviewing 2010. More kind to myself. I had been focusing on what I had not done. Well, thank you fellow bloggers, I needed to take a look at the hell of a lot of things that I DID do! All right! Mom power!

Wedding Gown!

One thing I did in 2010 that I am very proud of was helping my (now) sister-in-law, Suzy, choose her wedding gown. A 26 year-old lovely tall blond woman, her mom lives too far away to help her choose her dress. She and her fiance asked me (me, swoon!) to help her choose her wedding gown; they said it had to be someone who was unselfish! (I am not sure I would say this about myself, but THEY did, and I was truly humbled and touched! ) For five weekends, we searched. She tried on, had dress fittings and I provided moral support as we navigated the world of beauty, money, desire and seamstresses!

An Angel!

I was breathless, speechless and teary-eyed, as she tried on the beautiful princess gowns. So many choices, but the final choice was ultimately her first choice. A striking strapless, form-fitting satin beauty, with a simple veil. She looked like an angel. I am still speechless thinking about how lovely she looked in the fitting room and how spectacular she was on her wedding day (sigh)! I thought back on those days for me, before I knew the reality we all get to know, of mortgages, lack of sleep and weathering illness. An innocent time; remember the feelings of those beautiful days.

Visits! Assisted living!

In 2010, I hosted several family members for visits and this is of course busy, fun, stressful, annoying and pleasurable all at once. My older brother and I had the sad task of looking for assisted living places for my mom. She came with us to several sites. We all chose together the one she would live in someday. As the social worker staff said to her, you know, this way you can make the choice before it really needs to happen. And that day will be here we all know. But for now we help her live independently for as long as she can, as she wants to, and me wishing it could be like this forever. But another illusion fades as I know it won’t be forever, and the signs creep up letting me know it won’t be possible. But still wish it could be.

Surgery! Europe!

In 2010, I arranged and took my son to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for diagnostic tests, long overdue as I had been seeing doctors nearby. It was a great experience, we found what we needed to know, and he had the surgery he needed and he is now doing well. We are blessed. In 2010, then there was the wedding in England! A fairy tale event, and it seems like a dream no as I look back on it! It is a trip with a lifetime of memories! With our whole family, we visited the English countryside, London and Paris. Well, so we spent our money (where’s the money?), but we had a wonderful experience and most precious memories! I got to use my high school & college French! The English and the Parisian were polite, civil and kind. These are some of the major things that come to mind when I think back on 2010.

Everyday Life Stuff!

In 2010, of course, this was all against the continual background stuff of running my own business, all the day-to-day workings of the house (food shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, getting brakes fixed on the car, finding a squirrel in the attic and getting it humanely captured!) Oh, yeah, that stuff!

Meeting my online friends!

And I got to meet so many people on-lien! I love the on-line community I now have!

Business Everyday Stuff! In 2010, I taught two BirthTouch® classes, applied to become a provider for another insurance company, did all the billing for my clients myself, plus built up to seeing 20 clients a week at my office in Wayne, NJ.

2011 Business Plans!

In 2011, I am adding some services to my business.

I am going to offer on-line professional counseling (New Jersey residents only) at I am opening another office location one or two days a week on-site at an ob-gyn’s offering counseling and psycho-education. I am volunteering at an on-line not-for-profit organization.

I am developing some on-line courses around the Emotions of Pregnancy & Birth. So I hope you like the changes and give me constructive feedback as I go!

I am most grateful for all of your support this year!

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your support this year!

Be kind to yourself in your own year in review! You are awesome!


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